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These days, we all have Coronavirus questions that desperately need to be answered. We’ve provided some helpful COVID-19 antibody blood test questions and answers that might make life a little easier.

The newest development in testing is the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) antibody blood test. These tests will tell you if you HAD Coronavirus.


How does the COVID-19 antibody blood test work?

We will draw a sample of your blood and test it for the antibodies your body creates when fighting COVID-19. Results are returned in 5-7 days.

What does the COVID-19 antibody blood test tell me?

The COVID-19 antibody test determines if you have HAD COVID-19. 


If I had COVID-19 and I’m over the infection, does that mean I can’t get Coronavirus again? Is this a test for immunity?

We don’t know for sure.  However, current indications are that once you have had the infection and you are over that infection, you will be immune for some length of time. How long you would be immune is not currently known. And it is not certain that you would be immune.


What is the difference between this test (the COVID-19 blood antibody test) and the COVID-19 viral infection test?

  • The COVID-19 blood antibody test tells you if you HAD Coronavirus.

  • The COVID-19 viral infection test tells you if you HAVE are currently infected with Coronavirus.

  • The COVID-19 blood antibody test uses a small amount of blood we draw from your arm. This is used to test for your body’s immune response to the virus.


What is the cost for the COVID-19 antibody blood test that tells me if I HAD Coronavirus?

Similar to a regular visit, you will walk-in the clinic, submit your insurance information. This test is covered by insurance and your copay is waived. You will then be evaluated by the provider just like any normal visit. Congress directed insurance companies to cover COVID-19 testing.  Our expectation is that insurance companies will comply. If you do not have insurance, we are still offering $60 simple service fee which covers the blood draw needed for the test and your entire visit. Unfortunately it is unclear how much you will be billed by the lab company or if the government will offer a way to cover that remaining cost.


Where can I go to get the COVID antibody blood test?

You can go to either of the After Hours Clinics locations in Jasper or Sumiton. 


How soon can I get the results of my COVID-19 antibody blood test?

Test results are available in approximately 5-7 days. 


Will my insurance cover this antibody test?

The copay for all patients needing a COVID-19 antibody blood test are waived. We expect that this test will be covered. Congress directed insurance companies to cover COVID-19 testing. If you do not have insurance the cash pay price is $120 which includes a providers evaluation.


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